EASY for everyone

Do-It-Yourself! Everyone can host his own mail server with RaidenMAILD in a breeze!

Unlimited licenses

The cheapest prime cost for your company!

Smart SMTP Relay

Access your e-mail server from ANYWHERE in the world with automated security system!

Server Relay (for incoming mails) / SMTP routing table (for outgoing mails)

Server relay not only provides you with the direct mail relay to IP:PORT for specific domain, but also enables you to scan incoming mails through this function with "Norton Antivirus for Gateways" or "InterScan" (Tutorial).

SMTP routing table gives you the ability to control the SMTP routing for specific domain. You can even send mails for specific domain via other authorized personal account.

IP Address restriction

Define the allowed/denied IP ranges for a serious e-mail server!

Subject title/ Conent/ Attachment filtering with normal comparison/ Advanced PCRE comparison

Say goodbye to spam mails and junk mails FOREVER!

Disk Quota Restriction

Prevent your users from using your e-mail server as their personal storages!

Unlimited domains

Unlimited domain you could host.

Starts with system service

Runs 24 Hours A Day! 7 Days A Week! 365 Days A Year! None needs to waste time to be a server watch dog.

Automatic email re-sending mechanism

No more missing mails!

SMTP /POP3 restriction options

You can set the max mail size, bandwidth usage for every sending/receiving thread, and many more adjustable functionalities!

Event Logging to screen, disk file, and analyser are available!

Monitoring users' activities in real time!

Web-based Remote Control System

Managing your e-mail server with a web browser from anywhere in the world!

Multilingual Web Mail System

Just like having your own H*TMAIL system! Accessing e-mails without mail client software!

Web Mail customization

You can change the appearance and atmosphere of your web-mail system.

Dynamic IP re-assignment

Yes! It works with your ADSL's PPPOE scheme, which dynamically changes your IP from time to time, even without noticing you.

Automatic mail footer for mail messages

You may add your own advertisement here.

Mailing list

You can efficiently send mails to a lot of people at once!

E-mail forwarding

Allowing you to automatically foward e-mails to other e-mail accounts.

Automatic mail replying

It is useful when you are unable to take care of your e-mails for days or weeks.

Backup all incoming/outgoing mails for monitoring purpose in corporations

Wow! We don't say it's good, but, as a system administrator, you sometimes need this.

Event Processor

You can write an external script to perform some tasks in a timely fashion once an e-mail is received.

Memory optimization

Automatically optimizing your memory usage since Micros*oft doesn't do its job well sometimes.

Mass mail sending

Server is able to classify e-mail accounts in a recepient list into multiple parts accordingly and then simultaneously send them out to where they should belong to. This functionality will highly improve your perfornamce and efficiency when a user is about to send a large quantity of e-mails at a time.


SMTP Auth lets user to get SMTP-send permissions through his or her credential status according to their POP3 account status when he would like to send mails.

Online registration

Providing a web-based application form for users to apply for his account. You can choose DISABLED, CONFIRMED, AUTOMATIC applying method.

DBMS support

Just a few clicks away to transfer your user information between file and various databases.

Password reset mail mechanism

When a user forgets his password, you don't need to reset the password for him. User can request for a password reset mail for himself. Once the preset personal question is correctly answered, the user can reset his own password.

SSL transmission

RaidenMAILD provides the users with POP3 / WebMail SSL transmission to encrypt data connections while users are accessing their e-mails.

Multi-POP for external mailboxes

User can setup his external mailboxes and receive the outside e-mails into his own mailbox.

IM Center provides real-time contact service

User can read/delete e-mail via ICQ, get new mail notification via ICQ/MSN/YAHOO/AIM, read daily news/announcement...etc. via ICQ/MSN, and even chat with server admin via ICQ/MSN/YAHOO/AIM and ICQ SMS sending.

Integration with Active Directory

You can import your existing AD user accounts into RaidenMAILD within few clicks.

Anti-spam mechanisms

There are 7 anti-spam mechanisms.
(1) SPAMHAUS RBL Checking
(2) SORBS RBL Checking
(3) SPAMCOP RBL Checking
(4) Reverse Checking (including SPF)
(5) PTR Checking
(6) Greylisting
(7) Interactive Sender Verification (ISV)

and having various processing rules.

RaidenMaild Http Interface(RMHI)

An HTTP interface to call other programs to perform specific server tasks such as user management.

Dual SMTP services

With Dual SMTP services, you may combine your mail server with antivirus or mail logging gateway software at your will. Any combination is possible!

Alias mail mapping

You can create alias email for user to mapping to his account.

For example:

If you need to specify webmaster@domain1.com, webmaster@domain2.com
to different user, you can use alias to achieve the goal.

Just need to
create alias "webmaster@domain1.com" for "user1"
create alias "webmaster@domain2.com" for "user2"

Then, while someone is sending mail to webmaster@domain1.com, user1 will receive the mail.

Spam Mail Report

System will generate daily spam mail report to user mailbox, hence user can delete/move these mails via browser.


RaidenMAILD provide a lite firewall to block hostile IP addresses.

Malicious IP Collector

RaidenMAILD gathers statistics of malicious IP addresses automatically.

Mass Mailing Master (only for ultimate edition)

This tools helps you to do bulk mailing with high efficiency and low stress to others. Depend on domains, the mail list will devided into small pieces by domain name and sends them simultaneously, even pauses when it needed.

Click here for more details.

Cloud Drive (only for ultimate edition)

On the webmail, user could upload file and share it to anonymous or specific users. It also can setup sharing period and automatically recycled date.

IPv6 (only for ultimate edition with v3+)

IPv6+IPv4 dual mode supported.

TLS/SSL support (only for ultimate edition with v3+)

This encryption feature could work with MultiPOP, Backup SMTP, SMTP Routing Table..etc.

With this encryption, you can relay mail via gmail/hotmail/yahoo SMTP TLS/SSL service with your id/pass or retrieve mail from gmail/hotmail/yahoo from POP3 SSL service.

Mail Rule(only for ultimate edition with v3+)

Mail rule could help you manage incoming mail to specific folder and send new mail notification to your android phone by keywords.

How soon you could reply mail to your clients? With new mail notification, you will find it so effective for business.

Refer here for more details

IMAP4 (only for ultimate license with v4)

RaidenMAILD v4 starts to support IMAP4v1 service.



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