How to use Interactive Sender Verification (ISV)

Interactive Sender Verification (ISV) is a specific feature of RaidenMAILD. Its theory is sending identification image to sender mail address and ask sender to submit valid answer to declare the mail he sent is not spam mail. After the verification is done, the sender mail address will also be added into recipient's whitelist. Therefore, this sender mail address will not need to verify again in the future.


Suppose webmail url is



Server side

1. Edit <RaidenMAILD directory >\Templates\InteractiveSenderVerification.html . This is the template file for ISV, you can modify the description as you wish, but do not modify the specific variables such as %WEBMAILURL%、%SENDER%.....etc.

* Do not use WYSWYG editor to edit these templates, using NOTEPAD is recommended.

2. Open RaidenMAILD -> Server settings -> Anti-Spam mechanism -> Interactive Sender Verification -> Enable it.

  • Sender mail for ISV mail: You must define a nonexistent mail address to be ISV mail. That is because mechanism needs this nonexistent mail to stop bouncing mail with other MTA. Ex: (There is no account named "isv" in your mail server)
  • Verification URL: The url for sender to submit the answer. Take webmail url ( as an example, the ISV page will be

Client side

3. Login webmail, Enable [Interactive Sender Verification] in [CONFIG] -> [Sender Black/WhiteList]


How to test ISV

Send a mail to your mailbox via another mailbox and wait for verification mail. If you can got this verification mail, just follow its procedures to submit the code to raidenmaild.



1. I can't submit code to proper page

This is because the "Verification URL" you configured in raidenmaild is incorrect.





Thanks for your reading.

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