How to use SpamListMaker

Spam list report mail is generated by spamlistmaker.exe . Spamlistmaker.exe will collect all mail info in user's unsolicited folder to generate report. Then, users can move mail, delete mail...etc via this report mail.


Suppose your webmail url is



1. Edit <RaidenMAILD directory >\Templates\spammaillist.html,this is default content of report mail, you can customize the format, but do not modify the variables such as %USERNAME%.....etc.

* Do not use WYSWYG editor to edit these templates, using NOTEPAD is recommended.

The only neccessary modification is the form action value. You must modify it to point to your webmail url. The default value is :

<form name="spamlist" method="post" action="http://(Please_replace_the_string_by_your _webmail_url)/spam.html">

modify it to be

<form name="spamlist" method="post" action="">

Then save file.

2. Go to RaidenMAILD ->Server settings -> Anti-Spam mechanism -> Enable Daily Spam Mail Report.


How to test

Go to RaidenMAILD directory to execute SpamListMaker.exe. You should see a dos prompt window to process the report, and you will also see a report mail in your mailbox if there are some mails in your -unsolicited- folder.



Thanks for your reading.

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