Mass Mailing Master, MMM for short, is a tool bondled in the newest edition "Ultimate Edition" of RaidenMAILD. It helps you do bulk mailing in a minute. It devided your mail list into small pieces by domain name and send them simultaneously, it won't cause hugh stress to other SMTP server becuase it also can switch to next domain when it is needed. Due to low stress sending, it will not make your IP a bad reputation.

About the mail content, you can combine fully customization mail format (*.eml) with various variables, including BODY file (HTML or TEXT), random string, bonus serial number...etc.




1) Multi-Threading

Multi-threading design, start multi sending jobs simultaneously.

2) Sending mail depended on domain classification and amount Limited

Devide your mail list to many small pieces by domain name, and send them in turns to reduce the loading for recipient's SMTP server for avoiding be treated as spam source.

3) Pause your mailing job when it is needed

It can pause the mailing automatically.

4) Customized MIME format and variables

You can use any kind of MIME format to send your EDM and insert variables or bonus serial number as you want.

5) Bonus serial number

Insert different bonus serial number into each mail.

6) Using file system as job environment, no database install needed

If you don't know database, don't worry! You certainly know file system.

7) Filtering useless email address

help you store successful and fail email addresses for future usage..



Please refer


Trial version

Trial version only allow add one job and process 100 email addresses only.


Edition needed

Mass Mailing Master only works with RaidenMAILD ULTIMATE edition. Thus, if your RaidenMAILD is not ultimate edition, you need to upgrade to ultimate edition then apply license of MMM.


Upgrade and payment

If you have any question about upgrading, please send mail to .

From Commercial edition to ULTIMATE edition, upgrade fee is USD$ 169.

From Personal/Professional to ULTIMATE edition, upgrade fee is USD$ 259


How to apply license of MMM

After you finishing upgrade or payment, you can follow the steps to apply license of MMM.

1. In you RaidenMAILD, enter [Mass Mailing Master], go to [About]-[ Generate key request]


2. Because MMM will work with your RaidenMAILD at the same computer, it will only work on this computer. If you change computer to install RaidenMAILD, you could contact to generate new license of MMM for new computer.

3. When you click [Send request now], it will poup your mail client to get ready to send required information. Please attach your reg.cert of RaidenMAILD and send the mail to We will send you a new reg.cert for RaidenMAILD and mmm.cert for MMM. Just put these two files in RaidenMAILD folder, then restart RaidenMAILD and you will get a fully functional RaidenMAILD with Mass Mailing Master registered.





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