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Installation and setup ...

Install and setup RaidenMAILD Mail Server

Install and setup ClamWin

How to setup mail server

How to start/stop raidenmaild properly

How to setup ClamWin to scan incoming mail

How to setup NOD32 to scan incoming mail

How to integrate anti-virus gateway software

How to convert userlist from users.cfg to database

How to use auto receipt

How to use ISV

How to use spamlistmaker

How to setup firewall

How to backup incoming / outgoing mail

How to setup alias to create the same name mailbox for multiple domains

How to setup SPF

How to setup DKIM

How to setup new mail notification to cellular phone

How to generate self-signed site certificate

How to import certificate to RaidenMAILD

How to setup LINE notification


Explanations ...

Mail Exchanger Record (MX)




Open Relay



Anti-Spam: Reverse checking

Anti-Spam: RBL checking

Anti-Spam: Greylisting

Anti-Spam: ISV


Server Relay




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